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Health, Fitness & Aquatics

Membership Guidelines and Policies

Etiquette Statement

The YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce is a shared experience for everyone to enjoy. Each of us can make it better for all by being considerate to others. YMCA members, staff, participants, guests and volunteers pledge to treat one another with respect and dignity. The YMCA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or refuse services for inappropriate behaviour.

We do our best to weave our values into all of our programming. We believe each person is valuable and can make a difference!

Guidelines & Policies

Apparel Requirements
  • It's very informal, but we do have a dress code! Please read and follow our Attire Policy
  • Gym bags and jackets are NOT permitted in the Conditioning Centre.
  • Day-use lockers are available to all members free of charge. Please provide your own lock.
Anaphylaxis Policy

As of May 1, 2017, our YMCA Health, Fitness & Aquatics facility in the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre has adopted a nut-aware policy in compliance with the City of Owen Sound's transition of its recreation centres to be nut-aware buildings. 

Please read and follow our Anaphylaxis Policy.

Change Room Use
  • Children 6 years of age or older are required to use the change room appropriate for the gender they identify with; or the family change room.  If this is not suitable, see our facility staff to arrange appropriate accommodations. 
  • Change rooms are not supervised by YMCA staff. Please monitor & supervise children in the change room for appropriate behaviour. 
  • Please be aware of our facility hours. If you need to shower, change or gather belongings from the change rooms, please plan ahead to finish your activity in time to do this before closing. Thank you: your cooperation is appreciated and helps get our staff home to their families on time.  
  • Our family change room may be used by anyone.  Please use the private change areas provided as this change room is co-ed. It also offers a large barrier-free change area for those of us who can benefit from assistance with certain tasks. 
  • The girl's and boy's change rooms are for youth ages 6-17 and also have private change cubicles. Same gender parents may accompany children in the youth change areas, same gender adults are permitted to use these change rooms if desired.
  • Men's and women's change rooms are for use by persons 18 years of age or older only. Each has a steam room but does not have private change areas.  Do not use the washroom stalls to change in. If you would like additional privacy please use the cubicles in the youth or family change rooms. 
  • When using the benches in our change rooms, please at all times be sure to sit on a towel - no bare bottoms on the benches please! On behalf of all users of our facility we also ask that you do not use this public space to take care of personal hygiene tasks such as shaving, foot and nail care, etc.  These are best done in private, at home.
Conditioning Centre & Weight Room
  • Click here to view Conditioning Centre & Weight Room guidelines
Scent Aware Facility
  • People are often sensitive to the chemicals in many body products such as perfume, aerosol deodorants such as Axe, hair spray, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, cologne etc.  Exposure can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and more with varying degrees of severity. 
  • For this reason all visitors to the facility are asked to refrain from applying or wearing chemically scented items to the Health, Fitness & Aquatics facility.  Be aware of ingredients in your products and pack your gym bag fragrance free.  
Cell phone Use
  • Cell phones may be used to listen to music, track your workout, etc. while using our facility
  • If you must take a call during a fitness class or program, we ask that you leave the area so you don’t disrupt those around you
  • As always, please don’t leave valuable items unattended or in unlocked lockers at any time
Photo Policy
  • To protect the privacy of our members, participants and guests, you are permitted to take photos of yourself or your own family members only
  • Pictures containing other YMCA users are strictly prohibited without the permission of staff and the individual(s) in the picture
  • Photos are not to be taken in the change rooms under any circumstances
  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove a photo that has been posted on social media, if it contains prohibited content
Gym Use
  • Racquet sports are not permitted unless specified
  • To enjoy open gym, users must be 10 years or older, OR be accompanied by an adult
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn
  • For Family Fun Guidelines click here >> 

Refund Policy

** Medical reasons require a doctor's note. A $10.00 service charge is applicable to each refund.

  • Refunds are given for valid medical reasons only on annual memberships
Aquatic Leadership Courses, First Aid and Day Camp
  • Fees are refundable up to two weeks prior to program start date
  • No refunds will be given on or after the program start date unless for medical reasons
All Other Programs
  • Course fees are refundable prior to start date
  • No refunds will be given on or after the program start date unless for medical reasons

Cancellation Policy

Membership Cancellations

  • Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time by providing Membership Services with written notice 10 days prior to your next withdrawal date
  • YMCA membership card must be returned at the time of cancelation 

Class/Program Cancellations

  • Classes may be combined or cancelled due to insufficient registration (full refunds will be given for cancelled programs)
  • Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather/unforeseen circumstances and will not be made up at a later date