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There are lots of ways to get moving at the Y. Play your favourite sports and games, or try something new. From kids to adults, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our ultimate goal is for children, youth and families to embrace fun, healthy habits that become a lifelong practice. With an emphasis on total health in spirit, mind and body, YMCA programs instill values of caring, honesty, inclusiveness, respect and responsibility.

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Drop In:


Please check the Program Schedule for class times and dates.

Some programs feature multiple time slots designed for specific age groups. Always check the program schedule for details. 

Drop In Sports & Recreation:

Active Start/Kids/Youth (Start 3-5yrs, Kids 6-9yrs, Youth 6-12yrs) 
We will play a variety of games, sports and fitness activities, while learning fundamental movements and skills. Something different each week!  Fair play and sportsmanship will be emphasized. Get moving and have fun!

Badminton (12yrs+ or with parent)
Play singles or doubles in a sport that requires and can improve aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision.  Use our equipment or bring your own.

Basketball (Age groups specified on program schedule)
Play the sport you love year-round!  Practice shooting hoops on your own, play one-on-one or self-organize scrimmage games. Supervision is provided for all programs under 10 years old.

Creative Play (Age groups specified on program schedule, range 3 - 10yrs)
Mess up our space by making seasonal and holiday crafts. We will paint, draw, glue, and create beautiful pieces of art. Get your hands dirty and have fun! Older age groups can also enjoy getting creative with lego!

Family Fun
Spend family time being active at the Y!  Preschool climbers, a variety of bikes, balls and other fun toys are laid out for you to play with. An adult must accompany and directly supervise children at all times.

Floor Hockey (Age groups specified on program schedule)
Skill development, scrimmages, sportsmanship and fair play. Supervision is provided for all programs under 10 years old.

Kids Club (4 - 12 years) 
Meet your friends at the Y on Friday nights for sports, crafts & games. 8-12 year olds will also enjoy a swim (4-7 year olds and those who do not pass the swim test will get all their energy out in the gym before heading home to bed). Give mom and dad a couple hours off while you spend time with our staff having fun! Children will be separated into age categories during program in order to meet age-specific needs.

Note: Program requires parent to sign children in and out. Program does not run on holidays and long weekends. This program is included free for YMCA members, but carries a $8 fee for non-members, to be paid at the Welcome desk each visit. Children must be signed in by 6:15 PM. In the Summer, children must be pre-registered as we have a limited spaces available.

Open Gym
Our gym is available for your use!  As it is a shared space, consideration must be given to various activities.  Racquet sports are not permitted unless specified.  To enjoy open gym, users must be 10 years or older, OR be accompanied by an adult.  Appropriate footwear must be worn. 

Open Gym: Family (Parent & Child)
A time for parents and children to enjoy use of our gym for sports and activities together!  Parents must accompany and directly supervise children throughout this time.  Equipment available is limited to bikes, balls, nets and mats (selection may vary).

Pickleball: Rec (Age groups include 18yrs+ and 13yrs+ or with parent.)
A fun racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The speed of the ball and the size of the court make this game accessible to a wider range of players. Use our equipment or bring your own. Players waiting for their turn are asked to wait in our lounge area for safety reasons.

Pickleball: Advanced (18yrs+)
For players who are well acquainted with the game of Pickleball. Proper Pickleball rules and etiquette will be followed. Equipment is available for use; you may bring your own. Players waiting for their turn are asked to wait in our lounge area for safety reasons. 

Soccer (Age groups specified on program schedule)
Coordination, scrimmages, sportsmanship and teamwork. Supervision is provided for all programs under 10 years old.

Registered Sports & Recreation

* Space may be limited and tends to fill up quickly; please be aware of Registration Dates and register through YMCA Customer Service early to avoid disappointment. Fees may apply.

Gym & Swim (3 - 5 yrs)
Enjoy a half hour each of songs & games, craft time and swimming instruction with qualified Swim Instructors. 

Kung Fu Fundamentals  (Members only; 5 - 6 yrs or 7 - 12 yrs)
Hung gar Kung Fu is a practical, traditional form of martial arts that not only educates an effective and efficient style of self defense, but also history, philosophy and ethics. Sesu Trevor Uitvlugt instructing.

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