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Opportunities to Give

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

We invite you to join us now in creating pivotal moments in people’s lives.

We’ve heard again and again that when people are able to participate at the YMCA, it brings confidence, change, empowerment and strength into their lives.  To make sure everyone can access this opportunity our YMCA offers subsidized memberships to local people in need.  Currently, more than 800 members a year receive financial assistance, made possible by generous donors who support our annual fundraising efforts.  You can choose from several different ways to support this initiative and break down financial barriers for local residents at all ages and stages of life.

Provide an Opportunity 

Support a person or family in our community for a year and set them on a healthier path.  The figures listed below reflect an annual donation.  To ensure continuity for the person or family, please consider committing to a term of more than one year. 

Family $1,500
Senior (60+) or Adult $500
Student (18+)  $450
Teen (13 - 17) $400
Child (6 m - 12 yr) $350  

Increase your Impact

To impact more people in our region, make a $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 pledge and choose a payment term of one, three or five years.  This not only supports our assisted membership program but enables us to develop, test and run new programs that meet community needs.  

Empower your Employees

Your staff can easily take part in building a better community and feel good knowing that their employer cares enough to help too.  Let us host your employees for a free afternoon of fun team building activities at the Y, and finish by sharing the latest news about how our Y is helping others in our region.  We’ll ask everyone to consider joining us in our mission by making donations through payroll deduction.  You’ll have a chance to speak to why you’ve chosen to support our cause and pledge to match employee donations.  

To discuss these and other opportunities, please see contact information below:
519.376.0484 x232

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