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Date Posted:
Jan 11, 2017

Closing Date:
Jan 20, 2017

Job Status:
Part-Time Regular One year contract

Health Occupations

Hours per Week:

How to Apply:
To apply, please direct your interest to: Claude Anderson Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce Branch 1024 2nd Avenue East Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H7 Email: Deadline for application is Monday January 20, 2017 by 4:30 pm.

Court Support Case Manager / Release Planner

Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce

Job Description:


  • Receive and process referrals from the accused individual, as well as from families, friends, police, defense counsel, community agencies working with individuals with the identified mental disorders, who are charged with minor offences
  • Gather information to complete a psychosocial assessment, including medical and relevant criminal background and the current and existing support services network
  • Meet with the individual at the court to assess their suitability for the diversion program including assessment of their mental health status, their current living and other psychosocial issues
  • Provide support and information to the accused and their family
  • Determine that the individual is not violent and will not present issues of safety to the general public
  • Develop an individualized service plan when the individual consents to participation in the diversion program
  • Present recommendations for a Diversion plan to the Provincial Crown Attorney for approval
  • Prepare all court and agency reporting as required
  • Collect required data for input and reporting to the Ministry of Health
  • Provide consultation to the Provincial Crown Attorney regarding individuals presenting with mental disorders who are either too high a risk for violence or the charges are too serious to support a diversion plan
  • Develop a protocol with the court media reporter to ensure that mental health information is reported factually
  • Provide education and develop rapport concerning mental disorders issues with the officers of the judicial system, i.e. Judges, Defense and Crown Attorneys, Police, Court Security, Probation and Parole
  • Coordinate assessments with Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Court Diversion Manager or designate
  • Assess clients’ immediate and ongoing needs
  • Assist clients to identify personal strengths and develop treatment goals
  • Provide information and strategies for health promotion
  • Assist clients to identify and advocate for their civil and legal rights
  • Facilitate access to other services in areas such as assistance with daily living crisis intervention and treatment
  • Provide counseling and information to reduce the incidence, duration and intensity of a crisis
  • Provide family support and education to support the interests of the client
  • Work collaboratively with other services, supports and resources, with respect to diversity
  • Assist clients to identify, build and maintain a natural support system
  • Evaluate the achievement of goals and client satisfaction
  • Review and revise treatment plans with clients to ensure the provision of relevant services


Work Site Location:

Owen Sound

Other Job Requirements:

QUALIFICATIONS • Master’s Degree in Applied Health/Social Sciences or Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Health/Social Sciences • Competent screening and assessment skills for the mentally disordered • Completion of Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST) • Valid driver’s license and use of a reliable vehicle • Knowledge of Psycho-social Rehabilitation and recovery model of healthcare delivery • Knowledge of pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of mental disorders • Ability to advocate and coordinate service access • Knowledge of adult menta

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