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Date Posted:
Mar 13, 2019

Closing Date:
Apr 5, 2019

Job Status:
Part-Time Student 4 months / 14 weeks

Social Science, education, government & religion

$ 18 per hour

Hours per Week:

How to Apply:
Applications to be submitted no later than 4:00pm on April 5, 2019 to: April Marshall Economic Development Manager Town of Hanover 341 10th Street, Hanover, ON N4N 1P5 t 519.364.2780 x 1253 | c 519.372.5405 | f 519.364.6456 e |

341 10th Street , Hanover Ontario N4N 1P5

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Municipal Intern: Youth Engagement Strategies

Town of Hanover

Job Description:

Project Origins

The experience of youth is an important consideration for any municipality pursuing community development / wellbeing projects. The strength and vitality of all rural communities is contingent on our young leaders: they are entrepreneurs, employees, neighbours, volunteers and patrons of our local businesses.

Engaging youth can make a difference in our community today and in the future. The opinions and experiences of youth have the capacity to inspire and inform the evolution of a variety of community programs, services, bylaws, infrastructure etc. Further, research has shown that youth who are engaged in community life, in meaningful ways before they leave home, are more likely to return. As rural communities continue to face challenges with labour availability, volunteer capacity and community vitality, youth retention and re-attraction are important considerations. People are more likely to return if they feel like they’ve left something behind.

Note: “youth”, for the purposes of this project, are understood as all people 15-29 years of age. The focus of “youth engagement” activities will be directed at youth according to this definition.


This is a 4-month internship with the Town of Hanover being offered in partnership with the Rural Ontario Institute. As part of the ROI project this position will be one of ten municipal interns spread across the province. The general objectives of this position are:

·         To support the development and/or implementation of youth engagement strategies and events for the Town of Hanover.  

·         To build civic engagement and leadership among youth, and to increase community capacity for future youth engagement;

·         To represent and work with community stakeholders, including business and community leaders, community organizations and committees;

·         To produce a report detailing the youth engagement strategies implemented by the Town of Hanover with reflections on lessons learned and promising practices.

·         To provide the intern candidate with exposure to operations and decision-making processes in the Town of Hanover.

Youth engagement activities in our community may include elements of:

·         Strategic Planning

·         Community Research

·         Political engagement

·         Storytelling

·         Youth-serving functions

·         Youth engagement education


The internship will take place between May 6th and August 30th, 2019.


The position will be paid at $18.00 per hour on a 32-hour per week basis for a total of 14 weeks.

Job Responsibilities:

·         Attend the Rural Ontario Institute’s two-day orientation session May 15 and 16, 2019 as well as all staff training sessions pertinent to the position.

·         Participate in the Rural Ontario Institute’s online intern networking platform

o   Complete tasks as assigned

·         Complete tasks as outlined in the Town of Hanover workplan.  This workplan involves:

o   Working with the Economic Development Manager to complete Strategic Planning. This task is intended to develop a youth engagement plan to ensure that youth are aware of the opportunities identified in various strategic plans undertaken in recent years to further youth engagement efforts and activities and development of youth initiatives.  

o   Working with Launch Pad Youth Activity & Technology Centre and the community to complete Storytelling. This task is intended to find innovative ways to share stories and further engage youth on current community activities and initiatives. It will be a priority to seek out and interview youth in our community doing cool things that contribute to the vibrancy of the community. In collaboration with local media, the Municipal Intern will submit stories that feature and celebrate youth in our community.

o   Working with Town Council and Launch Pad Youth & Technology Centre to complete Political Engagement. This task is intended to help bridge the gap between the current vacant Town of Hanover Student Councillor position and gain interest in participation. To aid in furthering strategic initiatives outlined in Launch Pad’s strategic plan, as it relates to youth advisory/action committees, that allow youth the opportunity to discuss important issues and opportunities that they see in the community and formalize a plan to put them into action.  

·         Contribute to final reporting process through interim check-ins as assigned.

o   Complete final report detailing the youth engagement strategies implemented by the Town of Hanover with reflections on lessons learned and promising practices.

·         Be conscious of representation of the Town of Hanover in the public forum.

·         Follow appropriate channels of communication in dealing with staff and public. 

·         Keep neat, complete and accurate records of all work activities.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.

·         Be prepared for some unusual work hours to manage and attend events that may be required.

Work Site Location:


Minimum Requirements / Work Experience:

• Have the ability to conduct research including literature reviews, surveys, interviews and focus group facilitation. • Have strong communication, interpersonal and public relation skills to work effectively with internal and external contacts. • Previous experience working with youth (15-29) is considered an asset • Have experience in developing and delivering presentations.

Other Job Requirements:

• Have comprehensive computer expertise in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in order to prepare presentations, populate spreadsheets and databases and prepare well written reports. • Have an ability to focus attention on details. • Able to manage multiple deliverables, simultaneously and on-time. • Have the ability to work in a team environment to ensure coordination between organization’s initiatives.

Education Required:

Not applicable

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