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Health, Fitness & Aquatics

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are a precious investment.  Knowing how to swim can save your life — or even someone else's.

All YMCA memberships include 1 swim lesson set per session.  Taught by certified YMCA instructors, our swim lessons will give you lifelong skills to help you be safe in and around the water.

But there's more to YMCA swim lessons than learning to swim.

We want our students to build confidence in the water, meet new people, and develop a lifelong passion for swimming!  

We have taught thousands of children (and adults!) to swim through our nationally-accredited swim programs. 

Swim programs are offered for all ages, beginning as young as 6 months. Lessons run during all program sessions. Class sizes are limited for safety considerations; please register early.  

We recommend looking at the Swim Lesson Handbook for basic information and answers to frequently asked questions before starting your first lesson. 

Swim Levels

Swimming Skills Screening ("What level do I register for?")

No charge,10 minute sessions to determine what level to register your child for. Registration is required.  Register at the YMCA Welcome Desk or by phone at 519.376.0484 Ext. 0.

Aquatic Speciality Programs 

Important Lesson Information

Swim Absences

Please call 519-376-0484 ext. 214 if you know your child will not be attending lessons or volunteering. We will inform your child’s Instructor.

Pool Admission Requirements

In order to ensure you are completely satisfied with your swim experience, please review our Pool Admission Requirements prior to arrival.

Refund Policy