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The Swim Lesson Handbook

Good Things to Know about Swim Lessons

First Day of Lessons

  • Please return your most recent progress card to your Swim Instructor (these will be updated and returned on the last day).
  • Participants will be screened on the first day to ensure they are enrolled in the appropriate level. Class transfers for participants enrolled in the incorrect level will be allowed up to lesson 2 – provided space exists in the appropriate class.
  • Review class descriptions prior to registering to ensure your child is in the correct level.

Making your Lessons Successful

  • Visit the pool and pool staff before your swim lessons start.  Orient your child to the facility including change rooms, washrooms and the pool.
  • Have fun and swim with your child and practice swimming skills that your child already knows.
  • Talk about the lessons with your child.
  • Set realistic expectations and allow your child to feel that there are no expectations.  Swimmers often need more than one set of lessons in order to gain a skill that will allow them to complete the level.
  • Make sure you speak to your child’s swimming instructor on parent night to find out what your child’s strengths and areas of improvements are. 

Change Room Usage

We have 3 change rooms that may be used for our Preschool and Youth Swimming Lesson participants. 

Our family change room is for use by children and their parents - please use the private change areas provided as both men and women may be in the change room at the same time. 

We also have a male youth change room and female youth change room for participants less than 18 years of age.  Same gender parents may accompany children in the youth change rooms.  Children age 6 and older must use gender appropriate change rooms.  We ask that participants wait in their change room until it is time for their lesson to begin. 

Please monitor & supervise your children in the change room for appropriate behaviour

Did You Know ...

There is a Team Leader on duty during Lessons.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s lesson, please approach the Team Leader on the pool deck.

Our Swim Instructors are also certified Lifeguards!  They have gone through approximately 1000 hours of training to become certified with the National Lifeguard Service award and the YMCA and Lifesaving Society Swimming Instructor award!

We have a Lesson Guard on duty during all swimming lessons as an ‘extra set of eyes’.

Each swim level has a certain number of items that must be performed correctly a minimum of 3 times in order for that item to be ‘complete’ (according to the standards set by YMCA Canada and the Lifesaving Society).  If a child is unable to complete all of the items during a session then we view this as an INCOMPLETE, not a failure.  Swimming skills have still been learned, but more practice time is required.

Parent Week in the Pool

For one week at the end of every session, primary caregivers are invited to join their children in the pool during their swim lesson and gain an understanding of their progress and abilities. This is a fun and interactive opportunity to learn and participate.  Check with our Aquatics staff to learn which of your child's lessons falls in this week.