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Swimming Lesson Transitions

Transitioning from Preschool to Learn to Swim Lessons

Children who have started but not completed the Preschool program can continue in the Learn-to-Swim program once they are 6 years old. Preschool levels contain similar content to the Learn-to-Swim levels. Content and teaching style are geared towards the age of the participants

Refer to the chart below, along with your child’s report card to determine which level your child should be registered in.

If you were in Level ... If you were INCOMPLETE register in ... If you were COMPLETE register in ...
Bobbers Otter Otter
Floaters Otter Otter
Gliders Otter Otter
Divers Otter Seal
Surfers Seal Seal
Dippers Seal Dolphin

Transitioning into YMCA Swimming Lessons

Click here to view the swim level comparison chart between Red Cross and YMCA swimming lessons.