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Health, Fitness & Aquatics

Lifesaving Sport

Lifesaving sport is an exciting, highly competitive international sport - and we have a team at our YMCA.  

Developed as a way to educate people on water safety and prevent drowning around the world, Lifesaving Sport competitors learn and practice skills used in water rescue.  They might have to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a heavy object, swim under and around obstacles, accurately hit targets by throwing out a line from the pool deck, race each other to test their speed or complete other challenges. 

Competitions take place both in pools and in waterfront settings.  Overall physical fitness, speed, strength, skill and teamwork are key components of this sport, recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. 

You can visit the Lifesaving Society's website for more details about this competitive sport.  They have a video posted here showing the international and competition side of Lifesaving Sport. 

Lifesaving Sport FUNdamentals at your YMCA

Our Lifesaving Sport program offers a recreational introduction to lifesaving.  It's a unique way to involve youth in aquatics and the development of a healthy, active lifestyle through sport.  They will build on their swimming skills and develop individual competition skills such as line throw, manikin tow, relays, and more.  Participants have opportunities to compete as part of the team, both in friendly competitions with our neighbouring teams in Hanover & Saugeen, and on a much bigger scale at the provincial level. 

At our YMCA we have two sections for this program, allowing us to welcome beginners along with more seasoned swimmers.  It is recommended participants be able to comfortably swim at least one length of the pool to join as a beginner.  Everything else we can teach you! 

Participants will need to purchase a team swim cap ($5) from our YMCA and bring their favourite pair of goggles to each lesson. 

Click here to view the program times and prices on our program schedule >>