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Health, Fitness & Aquatics

Group Fitness

Strength in numbers: a group workout is lots of fun and highly motivating!   

At our YMCA you'll find an extensive mix of fitness classes and programs for your age, ability and interest. Check out the list below for something just right for you!

Don't forget we also offer Aquatic Group Fitness Classes in the pools. Stay 'n Play child minding is available so you don't need to worry about your little ones while you take time to care for yourself.

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Please view the Program Schedule for class times. 

Drop In Fitness Classes 

Bars & Plates
Bars and Plates is low in complexity, but high in results! It will sculpt your muscles, increase metabolism, and increase strength using specially designed bars and weight plates. There’s no experience required to join the class, just your desire to build a stronger you.

Body Sculpt
Develop your muscular strength and endurance using a variety of equipment and techniques. Strengthen and tone the abdominals, upper, and lower body while focusing on proper movement execution. Options available: Body Sculpt: Gentle 

Boot Camp
Challenge and improve your agility, core strength and overall fitness level. Class combines cardiovascular intervals with resistance training techniques. Modifications provided to make this class suitable for all fitness levels - beginners welcome! Options available: Boot Camp: Outdoor (weather dependent)

Cardio: Gentle
A gentle way to start if you are looking to get moving, we use a variety of exercises and include some strength and cardio to help you get going. Whether you are new to exercise or looking for a class to get you started, this is the class for you.

Cardio: Sculpt
A variety of cardio based exercises, strength and fitness activities in a circuit style. Option: Teen (10-15yrs)

Use the ultimate fitness tool for skipping combined with strength training. 

Cardio: Step 
A variety of high/low impact exercises, step aerobics, power kick boxing and muscle toning. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Get your heart rate up, build strength and increase flexibility, all from a chair!  Chairobics combines aerobic exercise and dance with great music while participants are seated.  Some Chair Yoga and stretching at the end of class rounds out this great low-impact workout. 

Circuit: Gentle
This class is designed for participants who want to try circuit training at their own pace.  Exercise stations will include Gravity, TRX, body weight, free weights and more.  Modifications are available to make this class perfect for every fitness level

Focus on abdominal and back strengthening exercises for development of core strength to proactively fight back pain, repetitive stress, weakness and fatigue.

Stationary cycling with the motivation of an instructor, the companionship of a group, and up-tempo music lead to an easy to follow workout for all fitness levels. Options Available: Cycle: Gentle 

This class provides low impact, full body conditioning using the Gravity Training System. This workout has the function of an adjustable incline plane and gravity resistance! All fitness levels welcome. If we have more participants than Gravity machines, we will offer alternative exercises and transitions to include everyone! Options available: Gravity: Core, Gravity: Gentle & Gravity: Fusion (Gravity, TRX & mats)

Intro Fit: Interested in revamping your workout but not sure where to start?  Come out to Intro Fit where our Fitness Programmers will lead you through a different style of workout each week. Options could include different training styles, equipment use or variations of other drop in classes.

A form of martial art, this class is designed to increase muscular strength and endurance, through series of boxing techniques of jabs, hooks, and kicks with the use of punching pads/bags. Participants must supply their own boxing gloves and hand wraps as they are not provided. You can purchase gloves at our Welcome Desk or buy your own (16oz gloves). Options available: Kickboxing: Basics (Introduction class)

Mobility Matters
Mobility training is a great warm up before exercise, which not only helps manage imbalances and reduces the risk of injury, but also improves exercise by moving joints through their full range of motion. Learn how to properly use foam rollers, massage balls, tension bands and more!

Pilates Fusion
Strength workout that combines movements from Pilates and other fitness classes to improve strength and stability in the core muscles.

Ride & Glide 
Combine the cardio benefits of stationary cycling with the strength benefits of Gravity training for a total body workout!

Small Group Training
Great opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, motivate yourself and work out as a group. Training focus may change per session and will be promoted in advance.

A gentle, easy to follow stretch class to help increase flexibility, improve joint mobility and core stability. Suitable for any fitness level.

Participate in a variety of dynamic, high intensity cardio and resistance intervals to challenge and improve your cardiovascular fitness, balance, core strength and muscular endurance.

Triathlon Training 
No need to register as our schedule accommodates your triathlon training needs! View our Program Schedule and look for “Tri Swim”, “Tri Run” and “Cycle” or piece them together however you like!

Develop your muscular endurance at your own pace with TRX. This class delivers a full-body workout by utilizing one's bodyweight and gravity on the TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX will provide you with a fast and effective workout, great for people of all fitness levels. Options Available: TRX: Core, TRX: Gentle.

W.O.W (Workout of the Week)
Participate with an instructor on the routine that will be posted as the Workout of the Week right after you complete it. This motivating class will provide a unique workout every time. Options available: WOW:Family (Adult + child 8yrs+)

Yoga means union, a coming together of mind, body and spirit. Your flexibility, strength and concentration will be improved through a series of yoga postures and breathing techniques. Comfortable clothing and willingness to try new things is all you need to participate. Options Available: Active Yoga.

Youth Fit (8-12yrs)
Youth will learn basic exercise techniques to advanced movements based on their ability and experience.  A different workout each week, it's all about getting fit and having some fun in the process! Parents welcome to join as well.

Come join our spicy high-energy class that fuses Latin beats and easy to follow hot dance steps in a low impact setting. It's an absolute blast of calorie-burning, heart-racing, muscle-pumping, body energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!  Great for all abilities because you do what you can - probably with a big smile on your face. 

Registered Fitness Classes

* Space may be limited and tends to fill up quickly; please be aware of Registration Dates and register early to avoid disappointment. Fees may apply. 

Strength Training Teen (12-15yrs, Members only, FREE for Members)
This program runs in 4 week sessions, participants are required to attend Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday classes. The program will teach teens how to exercise effectively using equipment, free weights and body weight.  Receive guidance from staff on how to begin or improve your workout.  Participants who successfully complete the class will earn a Toe Tag to allow them unaccompanied access to the Fitness Centre. 

Tai Chi (Members Only)
This ancient practice is a series of 108 slow, graceful movements developed in the 12th century by a Taoist monk. All at the same time, it is a health exercise, a method of meditation and a martial art. Here we will emphasize the health aspects of this art. The movements are specially designed to relieve stress and fatigue while developing strength, flexibility and concentration. Participants will learn small portions of the set each class until the complete set is learned.  

At our YMCA we offer Tai Chi 1 for beginners; Tai Chi 2 for members part way through learning set of 108 moves; Tai Chi 3 for those who have learned the full set of moves and Lok Hup Ba Fa (Advanced Tai Chi).

Youth Movement (6 - 12 yrs)
Get comfortable moving your body in lots of different ways and have some fun learning new steps! Youth will learn a variety of movements of major parts of the body, getting connected with themselves and with the participants around them. Member: Included | Public: $95 per session