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Ontario's 2018 Rent Increase Guideline - Ontario has set the guideline on rent increases for 2018 at 1.8 per cent. The rent increase guideline is the maximum landlords can raise a tenant's rent without the approval of the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Your Guide to Renting a Home - Landlords - Whether you rent multiple units in a high-rise or an apartment in your basement, you need to know many things about finding tenants and making your rental business work to your advantage. This section covers key business and legal aspects of being a landlord or a property manager.

Hydro upgrades for Landlords - Hydro One is working with housing providers to help tenants reduce their energy use. If your building qualifies for the Home Assistance program, your tenants could receive FREE energy-efficient upgrades to make their homes more comfortable and help you better manage electricity costs.

Ontario tenants now have additional protection from eviction. - When a landlord ends a tenancy to have family members move in, people evicted must receive compensation.