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Community Initiatives & Settlement Services

My Y - Community Initiative Stories

"Before I got involved with the Y (housing) although I knew my addiction had taken over my life, I would use any excuse to not deal with it. Anything in my life became an excuse to NOT deal with it. Without their help, I would not have done anything. At that point, I didn’t even care about shelter, much less a place of my own." This person recently contacted us to tell us they have been sober for 6 months.

- Housing Services Client


"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me apply for OSAP and CAS stuff. Because of you I got a grant from my school and the ministry that covers my tuition for the year!"

- YITWP Participant


"Tabitha was a huge help and support to me. She helped me achieve many things that I was struggling with. She made me feel like she cared and did everything she could to help me. I wouldn't have been able to receive a lot of the help I did for college without her and I wouldn't have been able to fill out a lot of the applications without her help. I'm glad I got involved with the Youth in Transition Worker program."

- YITWP Participant