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Invest in Your Community

Did you know?

- 1 in 7 YMCA members need financial assistance to access your Y, about 700 people of all ages every month 

- 20% of Owen Sound & Chatsworth residents belong to a low-income household (this is the highest ratio in all of Grey-Bruce)

- your support can change life for a local family

Statistics show that many local people simply do not have the financial means to access health and fitness programs which would greatly benefit their overall well-being. There is a clear urgent need for the assisted membership program so that the people who need them most can access those programs and services.  The Assisted Membership Program at our YMCA often acts as a bridge, with a person or family getting involved at the HFA and through that being connected to services in other areas where they need help.

With 20% of Owen Sound and Chatsworth residents belonging to a low income household there are an incredible number of people living here dealing with the interconnected issues that go along with low income:  health problems including mental illness and addiction, social isolation, difficulty accessing resources and more.  The YMCA has multiple programs and services that directly combat these serious issues within our communities and we know our efforts can shift the course of the lives around us.


Read how donations change lives

How to Make a Difference:

How much does it take to change someone's life?

Donate $30 / Month, for a year
Keep a Child Safe:
In a supportive environment to grow and learn through swimming lessons, active play & fun with friends for a whole year.


Donate $11 / Month, for a year
Help a Teen Build Confidence:
By staying active with friends in positive relationships, developing confidence, self-esteem & a sense of purpose for four months.


Donate $11 / Month, for a year
Give a Child Memories:
With a fun-filled, unforgettable experience, while building friendships at YMCA Summer Day Camp for one week.


Donate $22 / Month, for a year
Help a Senior Stay Active:
With friendship, support and laughter while maintaining good health & learning new skills for 6 months.


Donate $50 / Month, for a year
Give Time to a Family of 4:
To enjoy the lasting benefits of swimming, sports, fitness, family focused activities and quality time together for 6 months.