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Date Posted:
Dec 31, 2020

Closing Date:
Mar 31, 2021

Job Status:
Part-Time Seasonal/Contract 8 weeks

Trades, transport & equipment operators

Hours per Week:
Shift work - 8, 10 or 12 hour shift schedules

How to Apply:
If you are interested please apply to this opportunity through our corporate website:

800 Kipling Avenue, Unit 2 , Toronto Ontario M8Z 5G5

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Laundry Line Worker

Kinectrics Inc

Job Description:

Job Title: Laundry Line Worker (8 Week Temporary)
Hours: This is a shift worker position. Shift workers may be assigned to work 8, 10, or 12 hour shift schedules
Location: Kinectrics Teeswater

General Company Information
Kinectrics Inc. is Canada’s leading provider of innovative science and engineering services to the Electricity Energy Sector. We are a company built on a 100-year history of serving the energy sector with our advanced problem-solving expertise. Employing more than 1000 engineers, scientists and technologists our employees are recognized worldwide for outstanding technical excellence in the energy sector. Kinectrics is unique in that it has an extensive suite of up to date laboratories serving clients in both North America and around the globe

General Accountabilities
Kinectrics is seeking individuals looking for two-month contracts to work as Laundry Line Workers to assist with the operation of an industrial laundry facility. This position is a key role for the Kinectrics Laundry Plant, with the important task of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the laundry process lines in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. General Accountabilities include:
• Responsibilities include but are not limited to operating heavy industrial equipment, systems, and components, including but not limited to washers, dryers, conveyor systems and folding machines;
• Involvement in shipping and receiving of customer laundry, including verifying customer quantities;
• Sorting and classifying soiled laundry in appropriate silos/carts in accordance with the type of item and contamination level;
• Logging items by RFID tag and sorting for processing in accordance with procedures;
• Using a proprietary software to save records of operations;
• Performing manual work as needed to run the process lines, including but not limited to:
o loading and unloading customer laundry into and out of machines;
o hanging plastic suits onto drying racks;
o moving carts/silos around the facility;
o manual folding and packing of some articles upon shipping;
• Loading customer laundry in batches per the operations schedule and optimized wash cycles;
• Regulating machine processes i.e. turning them on/off, turning levels and valves to control the volume of additives, specific cycles and temperature;
• Ensuring all computer-controlled systems are functioning correctly and no lag times/delays exist in the automated processes;
• Inspecting articles for wear, tear, and colour and then mending/repairing accordingly;
• Performing oversight of process lines and aiding other line workers where needed.
Safety & Procedures
• Performing all duties in a safe manner and in compliance with Kinectrics policies and procedures;
• Complying with quality procedures set in accordance with ISO9001;
• Following all Kinectrics Technical Work Instructions related to operation of the laundry equipment;
• Actively cooperating in pre-job brief discussions and identification of any hazards;
• Following radiation safety standards and protocols and being familiar with the use of standard radiation protection equipment, such as personnel portal monitors, bulk monitors, small article monitors, etc.;
• Involvement in scanning and monitoring of laundry items;
• Understanding the unit operations for each process line and zoning divisions in the facility;
• Providing support to the Radiation Protection Supervisor or RP technicians where necessary.
Maintenance & Improvements
• Identifying any bottlenecks in the process lines;
• Working in conjunction with plant personnel to modify and improve the processing and packaging of laundry items;

• Providing support to the facilities manager and laundry supervisor where needed, including:
o Informing the facilities manager of maintenance needs, such as identifying and reporting any equipment issues while operating the process lines;
o Following contingency plans where necessary;
o Alerting the managers when machine filters need to be changed or equipment needs repair;
o Assisting in the setup, takedown or relocation of production equipment;
o Maintaining inventory and communicating needs to the laundry supervisor;
• Participating in other continuous improvement or process improvement initiatives;
• Other general duties as required, including housekeeping, janitorial and responding to emergency alarms.

Work Site Location:


Minimum Requirements / Work Experience:

Selection Criteria Essential Competencies: • Mus

Other Job Requirements:

No relocation expenses will be covered. We are looking for individuals located in and around Teeswater to ensure availability and an easy commute every day to work. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or medical need, please let us know. If you are interested please apply to this opportunity through our corporate website:

Education Required:


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