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Date Posted:
Apr 26, 2021

Closing Date:
May 10, 2021

Job Status:
Part-Time Seasonal Work

Sales & services

How to Apply:
Please send resumes to:

Miller's Home Hardware- Cashier

Local Employer

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Job Description:





The cashier provides all point-of-sale functions, including recording and collecting for customers purchases; processing transactions (cash, credit card, debit card) using retail software; keeping accurate record of all cash, in-house charge, and credit card transactions (debit, gift card etc.), reconciling records of sales with cash and credit information and making sure they balance, performing various services for customers, such as providing information, confirming prices, all done in a prompt friendly manner.


  • Greet and verbally communicate with customers, management, and staff both in person and by telephone.
  • Operate all point-of-sale equipment, including cash register and Profit Master terminal with sufficient speed and accuracy.
  • Verify signatures on the back of credit cards and expiry dates.
  • Follow proper procedures according to store policy regarding returns and refunds.
  • Ensure customers have had a positive shopping experience; take steps to rectify if they haven’t.
  • Answer phone in prompt fashion and take messages, according to store policy.
  • Call when special orders come in.
  • Assist those customers who need advice, information, or directions.
  • Page over public address system when necessary.
  • Maintain price information (flyers, in-store promotions etc.) for references when customer price inquires arise.
  • Be familiar with items in stock, yard inventory, including product use and operation.
  • Watch for shop theft and take action, according to store policy.
  • Maintain check-out area and merchandise displays.
  • Keep store tidy, cleaning the store and check-out area at the end of the shift.
  • Tabulate sales at the end of the day and/or end of your shift and remove cash from register in accordance with store policy.
  • Attend store meetings, training sessions, etc., as required.
  • Assist in training new cashiers.
  • Work on special projects as assigned by head cashier or supervisor.
  • Work on additional duties and assignments as assigned by management.
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance to provincial and federal safety legislation, as well as use of good common sense.  Report any potential hazards and unsafe behavior to management in order to have the situation corrected.


  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays.
  • Friendly and helpful attitude toward customers.
  • Excellent communication skills.


  • High School graduation or equivalent.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Excellent mathematical skills.
  • Prior retail experience beneficial.
  • Willingness to continually develop professional skills and knowledge base.
  • Ability to work co-operatively in a team atmosphere.


  • Reports directly to the Store Manager
  • Meet with the head cashier or supervisor for quarterly/annual performance review.



COVID-19 precaution(s):

• Personal protective equipment provided or required

• Social distancing guidelines in place

• Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

Work Site Location:

Sauble Beach

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