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Date Posted:
Feb 19, 2020

Closing Date:
Jun 30, 2020

Job Status:
Full-Time Seasonal/Contract May to September/October

Sales & services

$ 14.00-16.00 per hour

Hours per Week:

How to Apply:
Email resume and cover letter.

Assistant Store Manager


Job Description:

Spareparts offers our guests a curated collection of clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and beach accessories in a comfortable and fun working environment. Our season runs from May to October, so this opportunity is perfect for college and university students or anyone looking for seasonal employment. Benefits include above market wages, excellent training and the opportunity to gain valuable experience in decision making, dealing with the public and managing a small team.

Required Skills and Personality Characteristics

We're looking for strong communicators, who can lead a diverse team and can maintain a confident and positive outlook in a fast paced environment.

  • Our business is built on identifying and understanding people’s needs, thus, it is of the utmost importance that all members of the Spareparts team have excellent communication skills, are able to articulate thoughts in clear and simple terms and enjoy working in a group atmosphere.
  • As the team leader the Retail Associates will look to you for direction. They will use your actions as a model for their performance and seek your assistance when the unexpected occurs. You must be confident in the decisions you make and be willing to accept the consequence good and bad of those decisions.

Required Activities

Administrative Tasks – You will need to verify the end of day procedures the Associates perform to close their till as well as shut down the store ensuring it is prepared for opening the following day.

Conflict Resolution – Although unfortunate, conflict sometimes arises in the day-to-day operation of the company. Your job will be to handle these non-routine events which include but at not limited to disputes between associates, associates and customers and between associates and competitors.

Customer Service – Sometimes customers will not make purchases or will return purchases because they are unsatisfied. At critical moments like these, your job is to deal with the customer in a polite and courteous manner so as to avoid jeopardizing long-term customer relationships. It is also important to identify the reasons for their dissatisfaction and develop and administer suitable solutions.

Inventory Management – A key success factor in retailing is having the goods at the right time and in the right place. The Assistant Manager in cooperation with the Manager share in the important responsibility of developing, implementing and overseeing the merchandising strategy for the store. They will also be responsible for purchase order entry and will make recommendations as to the timing, consistency and volume of repeat orders.

Lead a Self-Directed Work Team – The Assistant Manager will be in charge of coordinating day-to-day operations in the store environment. Spareparts functions as a team, our flat company structure and bottom up management approach allow us to beat the competition in identifying key trends and operational deficiencies. It will be your job to keep the team motivated and facilitate their activities – through things like job enrichment, job rotation and by providing tangible and verbal rewards to top performers.

Market Research – The Assistant Manager needs to help process the information that the Associates collect on a day-to-day basis to ensure that buyers and key decision makers at Spareparts have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Promotional Activities – The Assistant Manager as a member of the decision making team and one of the key bridges between the shop floor and management will help develop the ideas that become promotional activities at the store

Sales – The Assistant Manager will help to develop daily sales targets and take pro-active action to help the company reach those targets.

Security – Loss prevention is an important aspect of any high volume retailer’s business. You will be an important component of our loss prevention system. A major part of your role is to discourage theft by ensuring that Associates are making customers feel welcome and appreciated. In the event that a loss does occur the Assistant Manger will be responsible for reporting the incident, and if possible and safe, confronting the perpetrator.

Work Site Location:

Sauble Beach

Other Job Requirements:

Positive outlook on life, upbeat personality and a love of people.

Education Required:


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