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Date Posted:
Feb 19, 2020

Closing Date:
Jun 30, 2020

Job Status:
Full-Time Seasonal/Contract May to September/October

Sales & services

$ 14.00-15.00 per hour

Hours per Week:

How to Apply:
Email resume and cover letter.

Retail Sales Associate


Job Description:

Spareparts offers our guests a curated collection of clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and beach accessories in a comfortable and fun working environment. Our season runs from May to October, so this opportunity is perfect for high school college and university students or anyone looking for seasonal employment. Benefits include above market wages, excellent training and the opportunity to gain valuable experience in decision making, dealing with the public and working on a small team.

Required Skills and Personality Characteristics

We're looking for strong communicators, who play well on a diverse team, and can maintain a confident and positive outlook in a fast paced environment.

  • Our business is built on identifying and understanding people’s needs, thus, it is of the utmost importance that all members of the Spareparts team have excellent communication skills, are able to articulate thoughts in clear and simple terms and enjoy working in a group atmosphere.
  • Dealing with the public can be both enjoyable and trying at different times thus associates need to be confident so that they can make important decisions very quickly and sometimes with very little information.

Required Activities

Administrative Tasks – Associates are responsible for logging into and closing out of the POS terminal each shift and opening and closing the store each day.

Customer Service – Sometimes customers will not make purchases or will return purchases because they are unsatisfied. At critical moments like these, your job is to deal with the customer in a polite and courteous manner so as to avoid jeopardizing long term customer relationships, it is also important to identify the reasons for their dissatisfaction and develop suitable solutions.

Daily Routine – Customers value not only direct contact with sales associates but also the shopping environment where the contact occurs. Part of your responsibilities as a retail associate is to maintain this environment, cleaning and organizing the shop floor are an important part of your position.

Promotional Activities – Throughout the selling season Spareparts offers numerous promotions to our customers to build loyalty and encourage sales. As the front line you are the critical link between the company and the customer. Your ability to effectively communicate the benefits of our promotions to customers is critical to our success as a firm.

Sales – Our goal is total customer satisfaction, for retail assistants to be successful they must focus on more than the current sale but focus on a customers long-term value. This means helping customers to identify their needs and find ways to fill those needs.

Security – Loss prevention is an important aspect of any high volume retailers business. You will be an important component of our loss prevention system. A major part of your role is to discourage theft by making customers feel welcome and appreciated.

Work Site Location:

Sauble Beach

Other Job Requirements:

Positive outlook on life, upbeat personality and a love of people.

Education Required:

Some High School

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