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Date Posted:
Jul 14, 2020

Closing Date:
Aug 13, 2020

Job Status:
Full-Time Permanent

Sales & services

Wage Comments:
based on experience

How to Apply:
Please send resumes to:

Taylor Electronic Services- Manufacturing Technician

Local Employer

Job Description:

Taylor Electronic Systems in Owen Sound is hiring for a Manufacturing Technician.


OEM Services


  • Must be self-motivated and eager to learn from Supervisor and coworkers, applying learned knowledge in everyday applications.
  • Must be presentable and respectable in general appearance, clothing, and attitude.
  • Must be able to identify and use common hand tools and soldering equipment.
  • Must exhibit an aptitude for electronic and mechanical assembly and disassembly techniques.
  • Must exhibit a high degree of focus on task with attention to detail and workmanship. Products that are manufactured or serviced are used in a high risk environment and require very high quality and reliability.
  • Basic level of schematic reading is an asset.
  • Understanding of production documents, e.g. bill of material structure.
  • Ability to perform function testing of products.
  • Experience and working knowledge with electronic testing tools including (but not limited to) multi-meters.
  • Must be proficient in soldering with a high degree of quality and reliability.
    • Required to solder wide range of wire gauges, e.g. 30awg to 14awg.
    • Required to solder SMT components as well as through hole.
    • Required to solder and de-solder wires and components that are used and aged or new.
  • Must be able to complete data entry tasks using Microsoft software and other applicable software.
  • High level of professional, yet friendly, oral communication required for customer, coworkers, and supplier communication.
  • Fluent with Internet searching and use of MS applications, including Outlook, Excel, Word, and Access.
  • Must be dedicated to self-study (independent research) in order to meet the job requirements and to better yourself for future growth.


This position focuses on the manufacturing and re-manufacturing of customer’s commercial electronic equipment and accessories. This position requires a qualified individual with experience and training in the commercial electronics assembly and testing industry.


Primary (Customer Product Manufacturing and Servicing)

  • Thorough knowledge of Customer’s equipment and accessories for repetitive manufacturing, re-manufacturing, and testing.
  • Assist in the repair and remanufacturing commercial electronic equipment.
    • Use of test equipment and test procedures.
    • Soldering and de-soldering.
  • Manufacture of products and accessories with the use of schematics/drawings/procedures, experience, and help from others.
  • Procedures MUST be followed and any discrepancies or recommendations for change must be communicated to the team.
  • Ordering of parts and Supplies as required.
  • Manufacture of OEM cables and accessories, and custom product requests.
  • Maintain proper paper work and database information for items repaired.
  • Must be proactive in suggesting solutions to supervisor and management.
  • Help generate ideas and plans for business expansion and diversification.
  • Keep safety awareness in mind and follow all safety rules for the benefit of yourself and co-workers.
  • Generating and issuing of reports internally and to customers’.


Secondary (General Administrative and Project Development Duties)

  • Assist in custom product development projects.
    • Discuss and generate conceptual design ideas.
    • Proactively advise of any design risks or concerns.
    • Approach design concepts with cost efficiency and serviceability in mind.
    • Assist in component sourcing and design documentation.
  • Maintain any necessary paper work and database information for complete service tracking.
  • Removal of service parts and regularly audit inventory levels.
  • Communicate closely with Administrators of service work.
  • Inspection and confirmation of new and re-ordered service parts.
  • Must be proactive in suggesting solutions to customer issues.
  • Keep safety and quality awareness in mind and follow all safety rules for the benefit of yourself and co-workers and our customers.


  • Must be willing to accept miscellaneous duties as required to help ensure TES efficiency and profitability.
  • Help maintain shop, (cleaning, equipment maintenance, restructuring).
    • Cleaning and general maintenance of work area(s).
    • Assist in physical restructuring/organizing of shop and office spaces.

Work Site Location:

Owen Sound

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