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Date Posted:
Mar 22, 2021

Closing Date:
Apr 30, 2021

Job Status:
Full-Time Permanent

Social Science, education, government & religion

$ 17.00-20.00 per hour

Wage Comments:
Includes government wage enhancement of $2.00 per hour

Hours per Week:
up to 40

How to Apply:
Please send a covering letter and resume to the Personnel Department email Please do not apply in person or via telephone Only those selected for interview will be contacted

Teacher, RECE, Teaching Assistants and Apprentices

Queen of Hearts

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Job Description:

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives.  With this in mind, the responsibility that we, as carers and educators of young children, bear is enormous.  We must, therefore, provide an environment that meets all the needs of a young child.

At Queen of Hearts we provide a broad based practical curriculum where the child develops at their own pace. Every aspect of development - social, emotional, intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual, are all equally important and need to be interwoven into the child's experiences.  Where these experiences are interesting and the child is actively involved, there will be progress.  Every opportunity to play and talk is encouraged, as this is the way the child learns about themselves and the world around them, educating your child for life.  A child who is interested and actively involved will learn and thoroughly enjoy the experience.  What a child can do is much more important than what a child can't do which is an excellent starting block for learning.

As a teacher we expect you to be thoroughly motivated and child orientated.  As well as receiving rewards from Queen of Hearts as your employer you will also receive the greatest gift of all from your students.


Work Site Location:

Owen Sound

Minimum Requirements / Work Experience:

As a member of our team:- You will receive a salary between $15 and $18* You will receive the Government wage enhancement of $2.00 per hour extra* Significant bonuses for those wishing to take an apprenticeship program with Queen of Hearts Inc* We pay 50% of the cost if you decide to take our health and dental package* Check out our big discounts on all ages of child care* Vacation offered exceeds minimum standard of 10 days* Company pension scheme* Travel allowance may be applicable* Continual training and development*

Other Job Requirements:

What we ask of our team :- You are the best at what you do. You are willing to do better. Customer Service is your number one priority. You have patience and understanding and show our children respect and encouragement You are a tremendous team player with a “can do” attitude. Your words result in action. You possess or are willing to gain any certification/training necessary for your role.

Education Required:


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