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Opportunities to Give

Your Support Will Change a Life

Who will your gift help?  Usually it's someone who doesn't want their picture taken. 

It's someone who's having a tough time and is relieved to hear that there's help available.

We’ve seen the moment of relief when a person realizes your Y will give financial assistance on their membership.  One example: our member, Kara, recently split up with her fiancée and is adjusting to a new life as a single parent, while running her own business. It’s obviously tough and there isn’t much room for extras.  But are swimming lessons for her daughter really extra?  Is a satisfying workout that burns out the stress of the day extra? 

At your Y we don’t think it’s extra: we think opportunity is something everyone deserves. 

Our assisted membership program helped Kara.  We get to see her daughter smiling in the pool, more confident every time she’s in the water. We see how much more relaxed and focused Kara is after she comes to work out.  We know they’re going to be ok; partly because their community cared enough to help. 

You might not have known about this part of your YMCA, but you’ve helped create something unstoppable.

Thank you. 

There are plenty more stories like this: stories from our members, volunteers and staff about people who have been impacted by donations to your YMCA.  See the list below. 

Your gifts are making a difference. 

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