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Inspired Sponsorship

Banners that draw attention to your business, support your community and provide colourful inspiration for hundreds of people every day. 

Our Inspired Sponsorship program offers the local businesses a beautiful way to connect with the community through the YMCA Health, Fitness & Aquatics facility.  

Ten banners are available for booking, each in a carefully chosen high-visibility location.  They feature an inspirational message and photo with the bottom of the banner (25% of the overall space) devoted to your business logo and contact information.  We design them in house to be on brand and unique to your business. 

All proceeds from your banner support the assisted membership program at your YMCA.

This means your business' marketing budget can help a family put their children in swimming lessons; help a senior stay connected and active; or help someone rebuild their physical strength after a surgery - there are so many reasons people need your Y.  You can help make sure locals have access no matter what financial struggles they might face. Your YMCA supported 900 local people last year with assisted memberships.   

Click here to see a one-page overview of the Inspired Sponsorship program

Click here for a more detailed overview of the Inspired Sponsorship program

To book a banner please contact: